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Elizabeth K. Wadsworth, a.k.a. "The Whiz", "Gumby Girl". Described by authorities as a petite brunette of a certain age. Wanted in connection with several suspicious incidents of a literary nature, the latest being MURDER BALLAD, a humorous noir detective story set in 1947 Manhattan.

Began her criminal career innocently enough. After receiving a BFA in Puppetry from the University of Connecticut (where she studied under noted professor Frank Ballard), Ms. Wadsworth spent the next 20 years performing with various companies including Concerned Citizens for Humanity and
Purple Rock Productions. In 2008, embarked on her long-time dream of writing mystery thrillers.

Believed to be currently hiding out in an historic farmhouse in Connecticut with her partner-in-crime, Al, and an ever-revolving crew of kids, pets, and local

Considered dangerously snarky and a possible hazard to mental health. If spotted, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SUBDUE. Contact your local bookseller immediately.


Manhattan in 1947 is a man’s world, but hard-boiled redhead Allison Malloy can match the boys drink for drink and wisecrack for wisecrack. As secretary to a private eye, she knows shorthand and typing are only a small part of the job—and the job just might kill her.

Rescuing her boss, Danny Russell, from the clutches of a dangerous femme fatale, helping him beat a murder rap, and saving his life may not pay extra,
but that won’t stop Malloy from trying. Add in one blackmailing ex-con, Russell's back-from-the-dead former partner, and a sinister stalker known only as Vicuna Coat Man, and Malloy may not live to see Halloween, let alone that job upgrade to private detective she's always wanted...

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